I intend this blog to be a mixture of my personal experiences with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and news related to MS. Hopefully, I can shed an optimistic light on MS even though it is difficult to be an optimist living with MS.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Too Long

It has been too long since I last posted and, for that, I am sorry.  I have been a little down lately and I haven't had the motivation to post.  I guess I am finally realizing what it means to have relapsing-remitting MS.  I have been experiencing some numbness, tingling, and L'Hermittes intermittently lately and it has been frustrating.  I had been doing very well with little to no symptoms at all, but lately I have noticed some flare ups.  I am still much better off than I could be and I am grateful for that, but I was really enjoying being in complete remission.  Relapses suck, even the less severe relapses.  My "flare ups" have not been particularly bad (nothing like my symptoms before beginning treatment), but they are noticeable, which is enough to put me in a bit of a funk. 
I did go for a run for the first time since my diagnosis.  I am trying to get back into a workout routine so I went for a jog and my entire lower half was numb by the end, plus I was experiencing L'Hermittes pretty bad.  Will continue to jog for awhile and hope that my symptoms don't get any worse.  I just need to stay as cool as possible (with winter on the way, that shouldn't be too difficult). 

In other news, a dog park just opened up about 2.5 miles from our house, so we took our puppy there today.  He was in doggy heaven; he loves playing with other dogs.  He listened well and played nice, so it was definitely a success!  We will have to take him back soon.

Enough about me.  A recent study found that "subjects who were born by Caesarean section had a significantly higher risk of developing MS. The authors conclude that their results suggest those born by vaginal delivery are at a lower risk of subsequent MS, but that much larger and preferably prospective studies are needed."  This is very interesting to me; I am not sure how this would affect risk of developing MS, but apparently it may be a contributing factor.

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  1. I am glad to read your post. I was worried about you, thinking you might be having issues. I pray that you get much better. My son in law was diagnosed back in July, 2011. Right now he is taking Betaseron and in remission. I read every bit of information that comes out, hoping and praying that a cure will come within the next 5-10 years. I really think this is possible. The horizon becomes closer each day so, please, continue to think positive! It was good to see your post today!! :>)

  2. You are the beacon of hope for many. You must stay positive - for all of us! Thanks so much for being our role model and educator. We realize that this is a heavy responsibility, but appreciate your dedication to our cause. We share your frustration and helplessness and all pray that a cure can be found soon. May God bless you.