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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Easy Ways to Give

I found a couple more ways to give and a vacation idea to run past my husband!

If you live in or near New Jersey or Pennsylvania, then the next time you are cleaning out your closet, consider donating those clothes, towels, blankets, etc.  The Clothing Donation Program through the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) operates throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Last year, MSAA’s Clothing Donation Program raised tens of thousands of dollars to meet the needs of its clients.  The MSAA has over 120 collection bins placed throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania and they are expanding their network of easily identifiable collection bins with the colorful MSAA logo on the front and “Clothing Donations” clearly printed on the side panels. The collection boxes are emptied approximately every three days.  For more information about the Program, click here.  To find the collection bin nearest you, click here

The MSAA also has a cell phone recycling program. You can simply send MSAA your used cell phone(s).  The MSAA accepts any deactivated, hand-held cellular phones. The majority of donated cell phones are refurbished for re-use by other charitable groups. Those cell phones that are either obsolete or damaged are disposed in an environmentally safe manner.  The MSAA will also accept used laptops, LCD Monitors, MP3 Players, GPS units, digital cameras, camera lenses, gaming systems and video cameras as part of this program.  If you have one of these items that you need to get rid of, why not send it to the MSAA where it can do some good?  For more information and the address where you can mail your items to, click here.

In addition to these opportunities to give, I found the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation's "Cruise for a Cause."  "Now entering its tenth year, the MSF Cruise for a Cause provides an empowering adventure.  Traveling with fellow MS Cruisers, their families, as well as healthcare professionals, and of course, MSF staff, the trip is an unforgettable experience.  With the magnificent sun drenched and exotic Caribbean ports of St Thomas, St. Maarten and Bahamas as our ports of call, the Oasis of the Seas will make our 2011 Cruise for a Cause a dream come true for people with MS."  Sounds pretty awesome to me!  Definitely something to discuss with my husband. 

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