I intend this blog to be a mixture of my personal experiences with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and news related to MS. Hopefully, I can shed an optimistic light on MS even though it is difficult to be an optimist living with MS.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Year

After I was diagnosed in September, I spent the rest of 2010 digesting the news.  I learned about the different drug therapies and began a drug therapy.  I tried, mostly, to "keep it together," however, I did have a couple of meltdowns.  There have been times that I question "why me?"  I am not sure I am supposed to know the answer to that, but I feel like I should be able to turn this "bad" news around and do some good.  That is what I intend to do in 2011 and that is, partly, why I began this blog - I hope to shed an optimistic light on MS.  I am not really one for new year's resolutions, but I have two resolutions this year.  Becoming more involved with MS in any way I can and I recently decided to make this blog my second new year's resolution.  Hopefully, by the end of the year this blog will have helped someone, or, at least, moved/spoken to/touched someone.  In order to achieve my goal, I feel that, first, some background is necessary.  Then I plan to post on an array of issues relating to MS, including research that is on-going and any information I can find about new drug therapies being developed (both oral medications and injections).

I was first exposed to MS (to my recollection) in college, when I learned that my roommate and close friend's mom was diagnosed with MS and when a friend from high school was diagnosed.  I can't say that I really knew what MS was at that time, but I knew enough to know that I wanted to try to help.  Unfortunately, throughout college, I never got involved or really helped in any way.  I can't remember the first year my roommate and her sisters formed a team and participated in Walk MS on behalf of their mom, but I do remember being inspired by them and thinking I should do that too.  I believe I was in law school at the time and still did not get involved.  Finally, in 2008, I found the Walk MS in my area, formed a team and walked on behalf of the two people I knew, at the time, who'd been diagnosed with MS.  I have been involved with Walk MS ever since in some manner.  Then I was diagnosed with MS myself and, as I discussed earlier, I decided to become more involved.  This year, I am not only walking, but I am also working on the Walk MS Committee, helping to organize three local walks.  See the post at the top right of the page for more information.   

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