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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Saga Continues

So, guess what showed up today?  Stumped?  My prescription order from the old pharmacy was delivered to me today.  Since I was told that they were no longer in my insurance network, I was concerned that by receiving this, I would be billed for the meds (assuming insurance was not covering them).  Therefore, I wanted to find out what to do - whether to return it to the old pharmacy; whether, since it was their mistake, they would just "write it off;" etc.  So, I ended up spending about 4 hours (including hold time listening to elevator music) today talking to 7-10 people (from insurance reps to the old pharmacy reps to the new pharmacy reps and a few people in between).  I was able to talk to a couple of people that actually cared to listen and help me solve the problem.  In the end, I found out that the old pharmacy has, at least two locations.  One of their locations is still in my network, so they were able to have my insurance approve their shipment and proceeded with shipment (hence the package that showed up in my office today).  The last call I made (after I learned that the old pharmacy had my insurance's approval to send me the meds) was to the new pharmacy to cancel the order through them.  I am now in love with the new pharmacy.  They have been super helpful every time I have called them, they are competent, efficient, and downright awesome people.  The woman I spoke with said that they can view all of my insurance activity so she offered to double check to make sure that my insurance had, in fact, approved the shipment from the old pharmacy.  She said that they had, offered to cancel my shipment, but told me from now on, to be safe, I should go through them for my meds.  SHE DID NOT NEED TO TELL ME THIS!!!  I told her that I definitely would be going through them from now on.  I wanted to tell her that there was no way I was going to deal with the idiots from the old pharmacy anymore.

I am sure I could have elaborated much more on this story and you could have really felt my pain and frustration, but I will spare you (and me).  I am exhausted from dealing with elevator music and customer service reps who are not helpful at all (I hate to say that because there were a couple of people that were able to help me, but overall today was a CLUSTERF***).

I wish my experience upon NO ONE!  Have a good night (I think I will go relax with a bottle, I mean glass, of wine).

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